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SoftWheel Technology

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SoftWheel by Numotion replaces the traditional spoke-and-rim wheel with an innovative suspension system that moves inside of a rigid rim. Our patented technology helps manage deadened pain associated with expected and unexpected changes in terrain, including curbs and stairs.

Four features set SoftWheel apart from all others:

1. In-wheel SuspensionTM

In-wheel Suspension

Three suspension arms inside our wheel rim absorb more impact than traditionally suspended wheels. Over flat terrain, the arms stay rigid. Off-road or on bumpy terrain, the arms automatically adjust, moving as you do. In this way, they absorb the shocks usually felt by the body. As a result, the user feels far less pain.

2. Adaptive RigidityTM

Adaptive Rigidity

Adaptive Rigidity technology keeps our wheel’s three suspension arms as rigid as traditional spokes. When the user encounters bumpy terrain, the arms automatically transform into soft, responsive shocks, resulting in less energy loss from frame vibration and reduced impact on the user’s body. The wheels, not the user, requiring less effort by the user.

3. Rapid Shock-ResetTM

Rapid Shock-Reset

Rapid Shock-Reset allows the arms to quickly react when needed on bumpy terrain, but quickly return to a stable ride on smooth surfaces. Because users don’t have to account for every bump – the wheels are doing it for them – they have easier chair control.

4. Single-piece Rigid RimsTM

Single-piece Rigid Rims

SoftWheel rims are extremely rigid and strong, offering as much stability and as fast a ride as the highest-quality regular rims on the market.

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