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 Rowheels REV Wheels Technology

How it Works

Rowheels REV Wheels -- the REV LX and the REV HX --- use pull-based propulsion technology to minimize factors contributing to shoulder and wrist injury and pain, by driving a chair forward when you pull on the handrim and backwards when you push. The Rowheels technology provides wheels that are ergonomic, durable, seamlessly functional and visually appealing.


Designed to be rigid when pulling and compliant when braking, REV Wheels have a tri-spoke hub that is made with a high-strength glass fiber composite.


REV Wheels gears are made with an engineering polymer, allowing for design and manufacturing that provides strength, stiffness and low wear while being six times lighter than steel gears.

Wheel Hub Housing

Made from a magnesium alloy used in cars, the wheel hub/housing is strong, yet ultra light and reduces the effect of vibrations.


Assembled using steel components that are precipitation hardened and heat-treated, REV Wheels are engineered to last.

*Insurance reimbursable HCPCs Code E2227