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Multisport Junior
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Multisport Junior

The Motivation Multisport Junior wheelchair is a dedicated sport wheelchair and is intended to be used for promoting and developing sports for children with disabilities at national or local club levels. It is an adjustable and flexible entry level sports wheelchair that enables athletes to play many different sports without compromising on quality or performance. It is perfectly made for the individual athlete starting to participate in wheelchair sports, and also great for schools, clubs or community sports programs. Although the Multisport and Multisport Junior are not recommended for contact sports, such as Rugby, they do come standard with a removable toe-guard for use in other sports. The Multisport Junior is easy to assemble. The Junior model comes in Metallic Silver.

Product User Group

  • The wheelchair can be used by people with a range of mobility disabilities.
  • The chair is suitable for users whose body measurements fall within the following ranges:
    1. A. Hip width: up to 300 mm (12”)
      B. Buttock to back of knee: 300 mm (12”) – 380 mm (15”)1
      C. Back of knee height from bottom of feet: 130 mm (5”) – 425 mm (16”)
  • 1 - Backrest tension affects seat depth.
  • 2 - With 48mm ground clearance
  • Maximum user weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Measurement


  • Seat Depth:One size – 300 mm (12”)
  • Backrest Height:The backrest can be set in three height positions- 250 mm (10”), 275 mm (11”), 300 mm (12”). The backrest height has been measured from the seat to the top of the backrest, without the cushion.
  • Footrest Height:The footrest can be adjusted to any height within the range of 130 mm (5”) to 425 mm (16”) - dimension B in the above diagram.
  • Anti-tip Wheel Height:The anti-tip wheel height from the ground can be easily adjusted from 0 mm to 20 mm.
  • Straps:The Multisport Junior Wheelchair is provided with a set of straps (foot strap, ankle strap, knee strap, lap strap) that can be used according to individual’s needs.

    Performance Specifications

    Maximum user weight 165lbs (75kg)
    Armrests The wheelchair is supplied with low profile curved armrests.
    Backrest Supportive fabric backrest, with tension adjustable straps, using a Velcro fastening system. Durable and water resistant nylon upholstery.
    Box Details Box dimensions: 28 inch (710 mm) (L) x 24 inch (610 mm) (W) x 25' 4" (645 mm) (H). Plain brown five ply cardboard with black printed graphics. The packaging is not waterproof.
    Castor Wheels Two 3 inch (72mm) PU mini castor wheels, with aluminum fork
    Anti-tip wheel One 3 inch (72mm) PU mini castor wheel, with aluminum fork
    Color Frame color is Metallic Silver
    Cushion Single layer 2 inch (50mm) thick foam cushion with nylon cover. Cushion length can be cut down to any seat length, as necessary.
    Disposal The Multisport Junior Wheelchair has been designed to be dissembled for reuse or recycling at the end of its serviceable life. If disposal is necessary please contact a local service provider first as they may be able to reuse parts of the wheelchair.
    Lifecycle The product is designed to provide 3 - 5 years of service during normal use, and providing it is appropriately maintained.
    Pushrings Diameter 0' 7"(19 mm) anodized Aluminum push rings, attached to the rim in six places.
    Rear wheels 24" x 1” diameter rear wheels, with 36 spoke aluminum rims. Robust 36 spoke aluminum hub with two sealed bearings and diameter 0' 5" (12 mm) high tensile quick release ‘push-button’ style axles.
    Seat Slung fabric seat upholstery, with tension adjustable straps (Velcro fastening system). Water resistant nylon upholstery supplied with single layer foam cushion.
    Standards This product is ISO 9001 (2008- 2013) and ISO 13845 (2008- 2013) certified and has the CE mark so meets EU consumer requirements.
    Straps One foot strap, one ankle strap, one knee strap and one lap strap are supplied with the chair. All the straps have built-in adjustability with the Velcro fastening system.
    Transport / Storage The rear wheels can be quickly removed, for product storage and transportation.
    Tires Pneumatic – high pressure, low profile sport tires.
    Weight Current net weight of wheelchair approx: 28.7 lb