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  • Available in 2 models (Multisport and Multisport Junior)
  • Each model and width choice come in a different color to allow quick identification of sizes for athletes and coaches, within a club environment.
  • The Multisport colors/widths:Motivation Sports Technology
    • Green (Aqua): 300 mm (12”)
    • Red: 350 mm (14”)
    • Blue: 400 mm (16”)
    • Black: 450 mm (18”)
  • The Multisport Junior color/width
    • Metallic Silver: 300 mm (12”)
  • Designed according to the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation regulations and in conjunction with the International Tennis Federation.
  • Utilizes two sport mini castor wheels at the front and one sport anti- tip wheel at the rear.
  • Equipped with performance sport rear wheels in order to provide good maneuverability on the court.
  • Designed so that parts are easy to replace or repair and uses common wheel and bearing sizes.
  • Packaging is designed for easy disassembly for recycling or reuse.
  • Supplied with a single layer foam cushion with cover.
  • Includes 4 body straps (Velcro fastening system) to provide a wide range of support options and adjustment. The straps included are: hip strap, knee strap, foot strap and ankle strap.
  • Includes a maintenance toolkit standard.
  • Quick release rear wheels allow for more efficient storage and transport.