ShopNumotion Introduces Rowheels

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Revolutionary Design.
Superior Biomechanics.

Rowheels REV Wheels utilize a patented reverse propulsion, pull-based propulsion technology that minimizes factors contributing to shoulder and wrist injury and pain.

Rowheels REV Wheels drive a chair forward when you pull on the handrim and backwards when you push. The gear system technology provides for quick, responsive wheels without bulky levers or
heavy batteries and motors.

They are available in two styles: REV-HX and REV-LX. REV-HX wheels turn 30% faster than the handrim, resulting in an extremely responsive and quick set of wheels. REV-LX Wheels are geared to provide users looking for a reduction in effort/pulling forces when compared to standard push wheels.

Quick, efficient, and stylish, Rowheels REV Wheels are unlike any wheels you have ever experienced.