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About Spinergy

Spinergy, Inc. is committed to offering a great wheel that will change your life day in and day out. Spinergy takes customer service to a personal level, improving their products based on users’ hands-on experience with the products. Day to day, the Spinergy team takes input from its loyal customers and employs it into action.

In 1991, Spinergy launched into the market manufacturing the Rev X bicycle wheel, now a retired classic. Over the years, Spinergy continued to develop high performance bike wheels for both road and off-road purposes. Today, Spinergy’s patented PBO spokes are the key to why Spinergy wheels are tough as nails and ultralight.

Every PBO spoke contains over 30,000 strands of polyphenylene bensobisoxazole fiber, delivering 3-times the strength of stainless steel at just half the weight.

Spinergy is also a pioneer in developing revolutionary wheels in the world of wheelchair sports, as well as for everyday use. Now wheelchair users can experience the same quality and performance as anyone else. Spinergy’s wheelchair wheel division is committed to improving the daily lives and athletic performance of those that depend on their wheels.                                           

SHOP SpinergySpinergy FAQs

Which Spinergy wheels do I need for my wheelchair?

Are the wheels going on an EVERYDAY wheelchair or a SPORT wheelchair? Next, what do you value in your wheels the most: Weight, spoke count, appearance? Look at the specifications of each Spinergy option and make your choice! If you have questions, feel free to call us. 

Will Spinergy wheels make my chair narrower?

Yes, in most cases. The Spinergy "SPOX Everyday" and "Light Extreme" hubs are some of the narrowest hubs available. The overall hub width is 79mm (3.1") and the bearings are recessed inside the hub (vs. being flush with the outside of the hub), so the wheel actually positions itself closer to the side of your chair.

Why are Spinergy spokes better than steel spokes?

Spinergy’s patented use of fiber spokes has numerous benefits to the user. Fiber spokes act as a vibration and shock dampener - 25% more absorbent than steel. Spinergy’s spokes are much lighter than steel spokes - 1/2 the weight. Fiber is much stronger than steel - 3x as strong. Combined with our custom rim and hub, it's the highest performing and most reliable wheel design on the market.

What tires can I use on my Spinergy wheels?

Spinergy wheels will accept any tire made for wheelchair use. You can use 1-3/8" tires, 1" tires (recommend size if using solid "flat-free" tires), or even mountain bike tires (1.95" x 26" mtn. bike tires will fit our 25" (559) wheels).

What maintenance do my Spinergy wheels require?

Keep them clean. Occasionally take your wheels off the chair, remove the axle and wipe the bearings, hub, and axle with a dry rag. The bearings are sealed, so you will not need to grease them. We recommend you inspect your wheels occasionally to make sure spokes are tight, the rim is not damaged and your tire pressure is adequate.

Warranty & Service FAQs

If a customer has a problem with their Spinergy product purchased on Shopnumotion.com; will Numotion provide service at a local branch?

For repair requests, please contact the Shopnumotion.com help center at 877-876-5332.  

What is the Spinergy warranty?

1 year manufacturers defect warranty.  

In the case of the Flexrim handrim, they offer a 1 year warranty plus a “No Fault Replacement” program.  If the rubber in the Flexrim is damaged or becomes unusable it can be rebuilt for $100/wheel. 

Who should a customer contact if they are experiencing problems with their Spinergy purchase?

The Shopnumotion.com help center at 877-876-5332, Monday through Friday, 9 am - 8 pm ET.

How will the return process work if a customer receives the wrong wheels or they are faulty?

Contact the Shopnumotion.com help center at 877-876-5332, Monday through Friday, 9 am - 8 pm ET.