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Rowheels REV WheelsRowheels Inc. was founded in 2011 and developed a reverse propulsion wheel that could help users suffering from repetitive stress injuries of the shoulder. Rowheels REV Wheels are made using components manufactured in the United States and assembled and tested in their facilities in Fitchburg Wisconsin.

Rowheels FAQ

How do Rowheels REV Wheels work?

Rowheels (REV–LX and REV-HX) are manual wheelchair wheels that are geared at the center such that you pull or row to propel forward. Pulling on the handrims moves the wheelchair forward and pushing on the handrims moves the wheelchair backwards. Turning is similar to standard propulsion; to turn right you pull on the left handrim and to turn left you pull on the right hand rim.

Will Medicare or private insurance pay for Rowheels?

Yes. Both Rowheels (REV-HX & REV-LX) wheels are covered by insurance, including Medicare, the VA, and private insurance through HCPCS billing code E2227. They are a rental item through Medicare; private insurance varies.

What are the differences between Rowheels REV-LX and REV-HX wheels?

REV-LX wheels are geared down (low gear) to provide users with a mechanical advantage that translates into a 25% reduction in the effort/force required to propel when compared to standard push wheels. REV-HX wheels use a high gear version of Rowheels patented geared hub. REV-HX wheels turn 30% faster than the handrim. This results in a responsive and quick set of wheels. REV-HX is appropriate for individuals, especially athletes, looking to relieve shoulder pain, improve posture, gain stamina and improve strength.

Can you switch between pulling and pushing Rowheels wheels?

Yes. The wheels are designed to allow for the tire sidewalls to be available to push off of. To enhance this option, both the standard and upgrade Schwalbe tires use 2grip sidewall technology. The ability to pull and push seamlessly between handrim and wheel makes going up inclines easier. The geared hub system cannot be disengaged when switching it to pushing.

What size wheels are available?

Rowheels REV Wheels are available in 26” (590 mm), 25” (559 mm), 24” (540 mm) and 22” (501 mm).

How much do the wheels weigh?

Each Rowheels REV Wheel adds about 2 pounds of weight relative to a standard 32 steel spoke wheel.

How much width will Rowheels REV Wheels add?

Rowheels REV Wheels add approximately 5/16” per wheel and 5/8” TOTAL width to the wheelchair.

What colors are available?

Rowheels REV Wheels are available with white, black and red hubs.

Can I camber Rowheels?

Yes. Rowheels REV Wheels can be cambered up to 6 degrees but it is recommended that users not go beyond 2° to 3° of camber in order to avoid rubbing with their chair frame or side guard.

Are Rowheels quick release?

Yes, Rowheels REV Wheels use a push-button quick release mechanism and can be easily taken off and on your chair. Rowheels quick release axle does not require any modification to a chairs camber tube/axle receiver.

Is it difficult to switch from pushing to pulling / Rowheeling fulltime?

For first time users who have been pushing their wheelchair, it’s take 2-3 days to become comfortable with the modality change from pushing to pulling. For new wheelchair users, the adjustment period is much shorter.

Can the wheels be purchased as a stand-alone part?

No. All Rowheels REV Wheels orders come as part of a package that includes wheels, tires, tubes, axles and hand rims.

With which wheelchair manufacturers will Rowheels REV Wheels be compatible?

Currently, Rowheels REV Wheels are compatible with most models of manual wheelchairs from Quickie, TiLite, Invacare/Top End, Colours, Per4Max (everyday), Küschall, Motion Composites and Ki Mobility. If you are unsure of the compatibility, please call customer service at 877-876-5332.

What is the Rowheels REV Wheels warranty?

Each set of Rowheels REV Wheels are sold with a 1 year limited warranty on the wheels alone. Other components such as tires, tubes, etc. are not covered (unless it is an issue of a manufacturer’s defect) as they are wear and tear items. All warranty issues will be processed by Numotion Customer Service. Please contact us at 877-876-5332.